Thesis boot camp: work really effectively on your thesis

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Haven’t finished your thesis yet? Getting stuck or distracted? Do you need to finish quickly? The Studiemeesters boot camp will give you a boost!

The boot camp is for all students on any course whatsoever. It doesn’t matter how far along you are or what you’re struggling with. With someone explaining things well and spurring you on, you’ll make big strides. Our super-productive thesis weeks in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Leiden will help you achieve your goal. You may also choose online tutoring or coaching.

Thesis Boot Camp

You can choose between four different levels of boot camp:

Boot Camp All-In € 600
5 study days plus 5 hours of coaching
An intensive programme for a week in which you want to really steam ahead and write a lot.

Boot Camp Effective € 300
3 study days plus 2 hours of coaching
A perfect programme for a week in which you are already heading in the right direction, but still need coaching and want to write hard.

Boot Camp Light € 280
5 study days
Just right for a week in which you know what you have to do and want to get down to some disciplined work.

Boot Camp Online € 250
3 online study days plus 2 hours of coaching
A perfect programme for a week in which you want to steam ahead with online coaching.

Ready to go?

This year thesis boot camp will take place from Monday 4 July to Sunday 4 September 2022. You decide for yourself how many weeks your boot camp takes and which level you take each week. A boot camp week starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday. If you choose to do Boot Camp All-In in a particular week, then you will study with Studiemeesters for five days in that week.

Students make great progress in a short space of time through a series of boot camp weeks. If you want to join us for the final sprint, then sign up for the thesis boot camp!

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What does the thesis coaching involve?

Studiemeesters comprises a group of dedicated specialists. We give study coaching to students in higher education (hbo and wo), in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Leiden. Our mission is to develop students’ talent and motivation to the full, regardless of their age, background and competencies.

The Studiemeesters method
Students who want to improve their performance often experience two challenges: procrastination and lack of knowledge. These two factors reinforce one another, as a procrastinator doesn’t improve and if you’re not so good at something then you’d rather postpone it. So we focus both on your progress in your subject and on your study motivation.

Thesis coaching
Thesis coaching is an individual meeting with your Studiemeesters thesis coach, where you discuss what you’re struggling with. After an hour’s thesis coaching, you know the point you’re at, what you need to do now and how you’re going to tackle it. This helps you relax and focus when you get down to work.

Study day
On a study day, you study from 9 to 5 in the Studiemeesters study hall. The study day supervisor makes sure that you stay motivated and productive. You can ask short questions, so that you don’t get stuck. We check on how efficient your approach is. You learn what your personal pitfalls are and how you can avoid them. This means that students often get more done in one day with Studiemeesters than in a week at home.

Thanks to the combination of thesis coaching hours and study days, our students make great progress in a short space of time. If you want to join us for the final sprint, then sign up for the thesis boot camp!

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Doubts about thesis coaching?

We understand that it’s a big decision for you to take and that a lot depends on it. That’s why we’re flexible.

Come and get to know us, with no obligation
First of all, students come along for an introductory talk, where you can feel the atmosphere, tell us what you want to achieve and get advice on the right help for you. An introductory talk is free of charge and there is no obligation. If you decide straight away that you want coaching, then you schedule it there and then. You reserve a place in our study hall for the days you want to work and book appointments with a coach of your choice. But you can also sleep on it and call us back later.

No commitment
At Studiemeesters, students decide themselves how often they want to come. As you don’t have to pay anything up front, buy credits or take out a subscription, you can stop whenever you like. A boot camp week can be cancelled free of charge up to 12.00 on the preceding Friday.

Open and honest
You can ask us anything at all. E-mail us (, call us (0207371945), fill in the contact form or just drop in at one of our locations in Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Leiden.

Independent opinions
Students are positive about our coaching. Read the uncensored opinions of our students here.

Get to know thesis coaching

If you have any doubts, just sign up for an introductory talk. It’s free of charge and there’s absolutely no obligation. Then you’ll know straight away what to expect.

Fill in the form below and we’ll contact you today or tomorrow. We’ll either call you or e-mail you to ask when you’d like to come and see us in Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Leiden. You may also choose online tutoring or coaching.

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What happens when you sign up?

  • We’ll call you to make an appointment for an introductory talk.
  • If we can’t contact you by phone, we’ll send an e-mail.
  • We won’t use your personal details for anything else. All the information will remain private and be dealt with confidentially.