About Studiemeesters

Studiemeesters consists of a group of specialised, committed professionals with extensive experience. We have been offering effective study coaching to master’s and bachelor’s students since 2011. We also host a comfortable study hall where students can study and read in full concentration. We are located in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Leiden and Rotterdam, but also offer our services Online.

Students looking to boost their performance often meet two challenges: they are limited by their procrastination habits and they do not have sufficient understanding of the material. These two challenges form a vicious circle: a procrastinator will never progress effectively and a student struggling with a task will put it off. This is why Studiemeesters coaches invest equally in substantive progress and motivation. Thanks to this combination, students cover a lot of ground within a short period.

Students are enthusiastic about our coaching. Read the uncensored reviews here.

Our specialists

  • Adnan studied Economics & Business at EUR (MSc) and did a research master Business in Society at UvA. He has extensive knowledge of quantitative research methodologies. At Studiemeesters Adnan supervises bachelor and master theses in marketing, economics, finance en accounting.
  • Aldo studied computer science and ICT. He has extensive work experience in the field of education, both as a lecturer at the Hotel School and with various computer science programmes. Aldo works with Studiemeesters as a tutor and thesis coach.
  • Bianca studied Political Science (MSc) and has a Bachelor of Education in Civics (BEd). She is a thesis supervisor at a university of applied sciences. At Studiemeesters, Bianca is a tutor and thesis coach.
  • Cecile studied Language and Linguistics (MA), with teaching credentials. She lived in the US for 25 years, where she started a part-time school for Dutch language and culture. She is trained as a coach, and moved into editorial coaching. Cecile works with Studiemeesters as an all round thesis and study coach.
  • Dana studied Artificial Intelligence, Sociology (BSc) and Information Science (MSc). She has extensive experience in accountancy, real estate and healthcare. Dana used to work as a lecturer in various courses, as an internship supervisor and as a member of the graduation committee at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. At Studiemeesters, she works as a tutor and thesis coach.
  • Ebrü studied law (LLB) and showed special interest in private law, criminal law and state and administrative law during her master’s in Legal Studies (LLM). She is currently employed as legal advisor in the field of privacy, property issues and real estate for government institutions. At Studiemeesters, Ebrü works as a tutor in various legal fields.
  • Eckhart studied Philosophy (BA) and Econometrics (BSc). He has experience as a market analyst. At Studiemeesters, Eckhart works as a tutor in several fields, including mathematics.
  • Eric is an editor. He has extensive experience with a scientific publisher. Erik is our text editing specialist.
  • Erik specialised in ‘Brain and Cognition’ during his Bachelor of Psychology (BSc). He also holds a degree in the Philosophy of Law and Social Sciences. In addition to his part-time work with a research agency, Erik works with Studiemeesters as a statistics tutor and data analysis coach.
  • Fieke studied Communication (BSc) and Education (MSc). She holds a Bachelor of Education in Dutch (BEd) and Special Education. She is currently employed as a lecturer and specialises in students with dyslexia, ADHD, ADD and ASS. Fieke works with Studiemeesters as a study coach, tutor and thesis coach.
  • Frederike studied Journalism (BJ). For many years, she worked as a correspondent in Turkey and Kurdistan and has published two journalistic books. She is currently based in Suleimaniya, Irak and writes for the BBC, Huffington Post and various Dutch newspapers including the NRC. At Studiemeesters, Frederike works as a coach for students looking to improve their writing and planning skills.
  • Ivar is an anthropologist (BSc) and political scientist (MSc). As a researcher with the UvA, he acquired experience as a seminar lecturer and trainer. He currently facilitates trainings with Diversity Joy and is a research advisor at a university. Ivar works with Studiemeesters as a study day supervisor, coaches students with theses and papers and tutors in areas such as English and DMO.
  • Jasper studied Aerospace Engineering (MSc) at TU Delft. He is specialised in Materials Science and has been employed in ICT since graduation. He also teaches internal courses. Jasper works with Studiemeesters as a tutor (such as in statics) and thesis coach.
  • Jeroen (PhD)obtained a doctorate in the history of the University of Iowa (US). He was also head editor of a major Dutch weblog. He is currently employed as a copywriter and corporate journalist. Jeroen works with Studiemeesters as a tutor and thesis coach.
  • Jos studied Psychology (MSc), Philosophy (MSc) and Sociology (MSc). He has acquired experience in web design and homework coaching. Jos is a lecturer at the UvA and provides extensive coaching with Studiemeesters: from thesis and study day coaching to ‘fear of failure’ training and help with data analysis in Stata.
  • Kadir is a behavioural researcher and data analyst. He has a background in Social Psychology (MSc) and will soon complete his doctorate (PhD). At Studiemeesters, Kadir is a statistics tutor and assists with data analysis in SPSS.
  • Kinge (MPhil) is the most experienced study coach in the Netherlands and the founder of Studiemeesters. She works as a tutor and thesis coach in wide-ranging areas.
  • Marianne is self-employed. Following her bachelor’s degree in Administration & Communication (BA), she acquired extensive practical and educational experience working as a communication advisor, lecturer and programme coordinator. Marianne works with Studiemeesters as a study day supervisor and thesis coach.
  • Marijke has a MA in Social Anthropology and a Bsc in Tropical Agriculture. After completing her studies, she worked in various Latin American countries. For the past twenty years she was a lecturer and supervisor at an institute for urban development of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Marijke works with Studiemeesters as a thesis coach in both qualitative and quantitative oriented methods.
  • Martina is an accountant. Following her master’s degree in Accountancy & Controlling (MSc), she was employed by Deloitte for several years. She currently conducts inspections at organisations, advises SME companies in all aspects of their operations and trains colleagues to better apply law and legislation. Martina works with Studiemeesters as an accountancy tutor and thesis coach.
  • Merve studied Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology (BSc) and Clinical Psychology and Labour and Organisation Psychology. She was employed as a psychologist and junior researcher at a research firm in the field of government policy issues. Merve works with Studiemeesters as a tutor and thesis coach.
  • Mohamed is a biomedical scientist (PhD) and is employed as a senior researcher in an academic hospital. He coaches theses in the area of (bio)medical sciences and is a tutor.
  • Noortje studied Management, Economics & Law (BSc) and Organisation, Culture & Management (MSc). She has accumulated extensive experience as an HR advisor and business partner at various organisations. Noortje works with Studiemeesters as a tutor and thesis coach.
  • Renée has expertise in the healthcare sector (health sciences, youth care, medical studies) and graduated cum laude from the master Health Sciences at VU University Amsterdam. After that she did a PhD and gained a lot of experience as a researcher. Renée works with Studiemeesters as a thesis supervisor for all social studies, from start to finish, HBO and WO, both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Rian (BSc) is a clinical psychologist who currently spends her time researching Artificial Intelligence at the VU. Rian accumulated practical experience within the field of education as a trainer and seminar lecturer. She contributes to accreditation and quality of education. She works with Studiemeesters as a statistics tutor.
  • Sander completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business (BSc) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MSc). Sander works with Studiemeesters as a tutor and thesis coach in areas including commercial economics, business administration, finance, statistics and small business.
  • Sander studied Computer Science and History (MA). He works as an Online App Developer. Sander works with Studiemeesters as a tutor and thesis coach for tech students in areas including programming and scientific writing.
  • Sem completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and a master’s degree in Applied Economics at City University of Hong Kong. For four year he was an economics and mathematics tutor in Hong Kong. With Studiemeesters Sem will work as a tutor of economics and other related subjects.
  • Shanice studied history (BA) in Amsterdam and North American Studies (MA) in Leiden. She interned at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Washington D.C. and conducted research at the KITLV in Leiden. At Studiemeesters she works as a tutor and thesis coach and helps students that would like to improve their academic English.
  • Stefan is a Dutch language specialist (MSc). He specialised in marketing communication and was employed in international business. Stefan launched his own advice firm for businesses and institutions ten years ago. He also works as a lecturer for the university course ‘Introduction to Graduation’. Stefan works with Studiemeesters as a tutor, study day supervisor and thesis coach.
  • Stijn completed a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (B Eng) and a pre-master in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently finishing a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft. Stijn worked as a Mechanical Engineer at a machine manufacturer and works with Studiemeesters as a tutor.

Studiemeesters always has room for great new coaches. View our vacancy page to see which specialists we are currently looking for.

Our team

  • Jelle, Mattanja and Anne form our official office team. They schedule appointments for you and answer all your questions.

  • Rolita, Banchi, Stefan and Ita are our head coaches. During your intake, they will take stock of your needs and wishes and advise about obtaining you academic objective with study coaching. You will regularly discuss your progress with a head coach, so that we can make sure that you’re satisfied with what we’re doing.

  • Sandra is at the head of the central office and can answer all your questions concerning invoicing and payments.

  • Rian, Jos, Stefan and Ita are our location managers.