Studiemeesters coaching

During the intake meeting, we will work together to determine the coaching style best suited to your needs. We will take stock of what you need and how we can help you to achieve your academic goals. Based on these findings, you can choose which of the following coaching styles you would prefer and how often you would like to study with us. All combinations are possible; no minimums or maximums apply. Read here what other students think of our coaching.

Thesis coaching

  • Assess your thesis process with one of our specialists.
  • We can help you from start to finish: discussing feedback, adding structure, writing guidance, planning and motivation, assistance with your method and data analysis.
  • Study days are a great way to boost progress made with thesis coaching.

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  • Private lessons with a specialist in your field of study.
  • Understanding your exam material, learning how to study for and take exams effectively, keeping an eye on your schedule and planning.
  • Study days are a great way to boost progress made with tutoring.

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Study days (Monday thru Sunday)

  • Learn how to stave off procrastination and discover which study techniques work best for you.
  • Supervised study from 9 to 5 in our silent study hall.
  • Prepare detailed (daily) schedules to make real progress with your thesis, assignments or exam studying.

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Study evening (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

  • Create optimum conditions for effective study and make real progress.
  • Distraction-free study from 5.30 pm to 10 pm with professional coaching from our study specialist.
  • Achieve your academic objectives with increased concentration and motivation by improving the balance between your private, professional and academic life.

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Specific study coaching

  • This includes studying with dyslexia, fear of failure & perfectionism, AD(H)D or autism.
  • In addition to individual coaching to improve time management, academic capacity, legal competences and skills in the areas of presenting, planning, writing and taking exams.
  • You will be paired with a coach specialised in the skills that you would like to strengthen.
  • You will work with your coach to prepare a plan specifically catered to your current academic level and individual wishes.

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Services for educational institutions and other organisations

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience so all students in the Netherlands can maximise their talent and motivation. This is why we provide lectures, training sessions and workshops upon request for educational institutions, student associations and various other organisations that work with students and educational professionals. This includes:

  • lectures, workshops and training sessions for educators to address issues such as procrastination or studying with autism;
  • assessment and advice in the area of education quality, such as on curbing study delays or monitoring thesis assessments;
  • group training sessions for students at educational institutions or (student) associations to address procrastination, burn-outs, effective studying or thesis progress;
  • coaching of individual students with complex progress issues at educational institutions or businesses.