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Are you working toward achieving better results on an exam, project or essay? Let a Studiemeesters expert show you how far you can come with effective private lessons.

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Studiemeesters consists of a group of specialised, committed professionals with extensive experience. We have been offering study coaching to bachelor’s and master’s students since 2011. Our facility also features a comfortable study hall where students can fully concentrate on their studies, seven days per week. You can find us in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Leiden and Rotterdam.


Our coaches are qualified professionals with extensive experience, both in the workplace and in education. This means they are not only thoroughly knowledgeable in your subject area, but also that they have learned how to effectively transfer this knowledge to their pupils (and have a bit of fun along the way!). They are highly familiar with all potential pitfalls and can explain complicated material in a clear and concise manner. The pace, level and focus of the tutoring sessions are always adapted to each student’s unique needs and wishes.

Motivation and concentration

Students looking to increase their academic performance often encounter two challenges: they are prone to procrastination and they lack sufficient understanding of the material. These two challenges form a vicious circle: a procrastinator will never improve in the subject area, and someone struggling with an assignment will put off completing it. This is why Studiemeesters coaches invest in substantive progress as well as study motivation. Thanks to this combined approach, our students make significant progress within a short period.

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Whether you need a hand with…

  • understanding exam material
  • completing exercises
  • brainstorming ideas for an assignment
  • research assignment coaching
  • study motivation advice with an evaluation of your progress and approach, or
  • creating a project schedule

… our coaches are here for all your study-related questions. Drop by for a no-obligation intake to discover the wide range of options we offer.

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Students are highly satisfied with our coaching and give us an average mark of 8.4. Take a look at our students’ uncensored reviews here.