Productive studying during our study evenings

Study evening

Join us during one of our study evenings for tailored, professional support in writing essays, theses and dissertations. Students and PhD students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening in Amsterdam and every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Rotterdam.

Looking to make the best of your valuable evening study sessions? Join us during a study evening!


Focused studying takes place from 5.30pm to 10.00pm with professional coaching. Students are welcomed by the study coach and get straight down to business with efficient studying in our study hall. Throughout the study evening, students are welcome to initiate short sparring sessions and ask questions.

We also focus on the following:

Creating space and establishing pace: Balancing our private lives, work and studies is not always any easy feat. This is why Studiemeesters gives you a time and place to fully immerse yourself in your module, exam or thesis – free of distractions.

Professional feedback: Our coaches are highly experienced and provide professional, in-depth coaching for various degree programmes – from law to change management, and from MBA to accountancy. Studiemeesters has helped more than two thousand students achieve their academic goals.

Create insight: With Studiemeesters, you’ll gain added insight into the expectations of your study programme. By finding order within the chaos that sometimes arises, you can create optimal conditions for effective working.

Individual programme: Everyone has their own agenda, their own rhythm and their own priorities. Academic programmes don’t always take this into consideration. We do: at Studiemeesters, we develop an individual plan for you – specifically catered to your objectives, priorities and agenda.

Do you want to gain the motivation and concentration to achieve your study objectives? Stop by for a brief intake to find out how Studiemeesters can help you reach your goals.

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