Difficult exam or challenging course

Many students are confronted with highly challenging courses during their studies. Classes are often high-paced and there isn’t enough time to go into detailed explanations. As a result, students may occasionally lose track. Do the any of the following situations sound familiar?

You’re not sure how to study: When studying, you’re not sure how to differentiate between main and secondary topics or what exactly is expected of you. When you learn the material, you think that you understand it, but during the exam you’re no longer sure how to answer the questions. You have a good understanding of some components, but you aren’t clear on how they relate to one another. It’s challenging to effectively transfer your ideas to paper during exams.

You’re stuck on statistics or a mathematics or economics course: Your books are full of formulas and symbols that you don’t fully understand. You’re not sure where to begin when you come across a challenging assignment. Classes are fast-paced and when you get home, you no longer remember all of the material covered. You’re not sure which formula to apply, how to complete it or what the result means. Or you thought that you understood the material and assignment but didn’t get the grade you were expecting. Now you’re no longer sure how to study for your retake.

Studiemeesters helps exam students on two levels: We offer in-depth coaching dedicated with tutorial sessions and students can combine this with study days for added success. On study days, students stop by our location for supervised study from nine to five.

Stop by for tutoring

Our tutoring sessions are led by experienced academic specialists. We offer tutoring in nearly every subject area offered at university level. Are you unsure whether we offer tutoring in your subject area? Feel free to contact us! We will always pair you with a suitable coach. This is what we do during tutoring sessions:

Practice assignments: We will walk through your assignments together step by step so that we can determine which (correct and incorrect) logical steps you are taking. We also show you how to tackle an assignment effectively.

Create a schedule: We take a look at what material you need to study and how you can best go about doing this. Based on these findings, we will draw up a realistic plan and work through it together. This will give you additional time at the end of the session to go over the material and take practice exams.

Patient explanations: Our coaches will get you to thoroughly understand the material. You are given ample opportunity to ask questions. We select a pace and study style specifically suited to your needs and persevere until you’ve mastered the material.

Remove insecurity: Some students suffer from a fear of failure, perfectionism and insecurities. Do you often find yourself wondering whether you’re on the right track? Are you worried that you don’t truly understand the material? No problem! Our specialists can tell you exactly which components you’ve perfected and where you can improve. This will make you more confident during your exams.

Combine tutoring with study days

On study days, we will help you create and manage an individual schedule and provide insight into the best studying tactics. We will work together to ensure that you are well-prepared for your exam period. We do this using several methods:

Understand your material: We ensure that you know exactly how you’re going to study and that you know what needs taking care of first so that you can get straight to effective studying. By creating and following a study plan, you will regularly be immersed in your exam material, guaranteeing that you’ll be well-prepared and relaxed during exams.

Effective exam planning: Is it realistic to cram all of your subjects into a single exam period or would it be wiser to postpone one of the subjects? By putting thought into this before you get started, you avoid realising that you were only able to cover half of your material because you didn’t have enough time.

Reduce stress: We create a stress-free study day for you so that you can make real progress. We catch up with you regularly to make sure you’re still on track.

A full day of study: When studying at home or in the library, you are more likely to stop early than when in our supervised study hall. We create a good study vibe here, as you’ll be surrounded by other students working away productively. There is always a supervisor nearby to help you get past any obstacles.

Are you looking for more assistance or more information about out study days? Drop in for a complimentary intake