The Overconfident Procrastinator

You are an overconfident procrastinator

When performing an academic task, you seem to suffer most from procrastination caused by academic overconfidence. This doesn’t mean that overconfidence is the only reason you procrastinate; however, overconfidence seems to be the foremost reason you block yourself from getting your task done.

You underestimate how long it takes you to perform a task, and you overestimate how much you can get done in a given period of time. You are a ‘classic’ procrastinator; you would rather do something fun than study. You will not sit down to do your task until it is almost too late. You are not trying to actively acquire knowledge, but you do have high academic self-esteem.

You are likely a student who:

  • will skip classes happily;
  • has an optimistic ‘vibe’;
  • speaks up in class (when present);
  • pulls all-nighters (or even gets up early on deadline day to start);
  • has other time-consuming activities. A lot of overconfident procrastinators are party animals or gamers.

Others like you have said:

  • “I perform best under pressure.”
  • “I can read a book in a week, if that means I have two weeks for myself now.”
  • “The teacher will never find out I winged it.”
  • “If I can reach a barely passing grade with reading someone else’s summary, I will.”
  • “I was going to work on it, but my roommates asked me to come to the bar.”
  • “Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow!”
  • “You know who will deal with studying? Future me!”


  • DO seek out strict teachers with rigid deadlines.
  • DO not make any excuses for handing in anything late. Even good reasons should be avoided.
  • DO make a log of performance every week and let someone else check it.
  • DO go to classes that challenge you on an intellectual level by professors whom you respect.
  • DO go outside (to the library) to study, and hang out with the students who are more ambitious.

  • DON’T take a barely passing grade as a standard.

  • DON’T seek out softies as tutors or professors.
  • DON’T sleep in – get your behind in the library on time, so you can relax afterwards.
  • DON’T bring your smartphone to your studies. Block all things Facebook. Stay away from Twitter, Reddit, 9GAG and similar sites. Even better, do as much as you can away from the screen.
  • DON’T think you should just toughen up – get help to reprogram yourself.