Do you need thesis coaching?

Writing a thesis is no easy feat. You set off working on your own without any external deadlines and your thesis advisor has limited time to assist you. A good deal of your success depends on your own perseverance and tenacity. You may find yourself confronted with one of the following issues.

You’re not making enough progress: You’re just not arriving at good research questions or a practical theoretical framework. You’re not quite sure what’s expected of you, how to search for and process literature, how to structure your thesis, where you should start and how to keep things moving along. Perhaps you’re already off to a good start but you’re not sure how to bring cohesion to your results, conclusion or proposal. With all these doubts weighing on you, it may feel as though you’re spending more time thinking about your thesis than actually working on it.

Your thesis was rejected: You dedicated a good deal of time & effort to your research proposal or the first version of your thesis only to have it rejected. The feedback you received from your thesis advisor isn’t clear. You’re not quite sure what your assigned thesis advisor wants from you and how you need to amend your work to have it accepted. You’re starting to wonder if you’ll make the thesis deadline at all.

Your looking for thesis coaching for methodology or data analysis: View our page about help with methodology or data analysis.

If this sounds familiar, thesis coaching is exactly what you need. Are you curious as to what you can achieve with the right guidance? Stop by for a no-obligation intake and discover what Studiemeesters can do for you.

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Studiemeesters thesis coaching

Our thesis coaches help you get back on track using several methods:

Keeping an eye on your thesis progress: Our thesis coaches check your thesis progress regularly. They know how stressful it is to be under this much pressure. When your assigned thesis advisor doesn’t have the time to help you, our thesis coaches are at the ready. We are also here to help you manage the university’s high expectations.

Experienced thesis coaching: Our thesis coaches will join you in taking a critical look at your thesis: How will you formulate your thesis question? How will you structure your document? Do you have sufficient literature? How will you go about conducting your research? What can you conclude from it?

Realistic expectations: If you are a perfectionist and find yourself getting stuck on certain sections of your thesis, our thesis coaches will motivate you to get the ball rolling again. Our thesis coaches know what is expected of you and help you keep an eye on those guidelines.

Set commitment: Are you prone to procrastination? By meeting up regularly with our thesis coaches and setting concrete objectives, your thesis will become significantly less intimidating. This helps keep you moving in the right direction.

Would you like to start working more productively on your thesis, and even enjoy it (…a bit)? Drop by for a no-obligations intake and discover what Studiemeesters can do for you. You may also choose online coaching.

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Study with Studiemeesters

Many of our thesis students join us for full days on a ‘study day’. Our study coaches ensure that students get, and stay, focused. They have a number of tactics:

Creating order and structure: They ensure that you are clear on what your next point of order is which allows you to work purposefully and take care of one thing at a time. By establishing a division between the work that you will be tackling now, and the work scheduled for later, you can learn to have faith in the fact that you will, in fact, complete your thesis on time. This increases confidence.

Support: When you find yourself unsure how to proceed while writing, there is always study coach nearby to answer brief questions.

Helping you reach your thesis objectives: Writing without set structure or strict planning increases the likelihood of making errors and having to delete sections that you dedicated your valuable time to. Work with your study day supervisor to plan your thesis goals effectively so that you can once again enjoy your (scheduled) free time.

Minimising distractions: They ensure that you aren’t distracted by social media, your phone or other things. Lost in your own thoughts? Let’s talk about it!

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