5 tips for studying during quarantine

The outbreak of the coronavirus has changed daily life for almost everyone. As a result of the pandemic, all universities and schools across the Netherlands are closed until at least April 6, and exams and presentations have been postponed. You have been advised to maintain social distancing, and maybe you are just staying at home completely and your life has come to a grinding halt. Here, we present you with five tips to help you find perspective and a sense of balance as you prepare to study within the confines of self-isolation. Alternatively, you can apply for online help at Studiemeesters by clicking the button below.

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1. Try to keep the pace

Most people are dealing with a lot of uncertainty and continuously ask themselves what their days are going to look like and how long this situation is going to continue. These are valid questions, but they keep you from reaching your goals, so try to limit reading the news and your messages to a couple of times a day. Try to stick to a set schedule and study as you would normally do. Study as if your exams would still be held at the original set date.

2. Keep a dedicated workspace

Normally, we would advise you to go out and find yourself a good spot to study, but now we will have to make do at home. Try to find a quiet corner where you can work uninterrupted, clean your desk, get some tea or coffee, some fruit, and keep a schedule for your day in sight. Create an account on your laptop just for studying, so you will not be distracted by games, movies, social media or any other unnecessary matters. Turn your phone on airplane mode, or just turn of the internet connection, so you can still receive phone calls. If you find it difficult to get into a study mode, try to keep to normal study hours, dress like you are going somewhere outside, and sit up straight. This will help you focus and stay motivated.

3. Do not forget your health

Your health determines your immune system, so be sure to monitor it properly! In any case, follow all guidelines from the government and doctors, so keep your distance, wash your hands, avoid busy places. Also pay attention to your health as a whole: eat healthy and go outside for exercise and daylight. Always remember to keep your distance and do not leave your home if you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or live with someone who does.

4. Organize

There will be daily news about the virus. Updates about the spread of the virus, the number of victims, possible vaccines, et cetera. You could spend the whole day looking for information and opinions, but that could also stop you from being productive, or worse, cause anxiety. Questions about the future, the world, your loved ones are legitimate, but do not help. For the time being, it is best to organize your life as if the current circumstances will be over soon and life will be back to normal. Consider these days as an opportunity to spend some extra time on your assignments, to orientate yourself about study possibilities, or to read those helpful and motivating articles for which you previously did not have the time

5. Do not hesitate to ask for help

Studying at home like everything is normal, is demanding in the present circumstances. Of course, you would rather binge watch a tv-show, or game away the day. It is understandable you find it more exciting to watch the news, and it is not your fault if these times cause anxiety or fear when you are alone at home. That is why Studiemeesters now offers online tutoring for almost all courses and theses. Online study days are now half price. For more information, please click the button below or call us at 020 737 1945.

If you’d like to improve your studying, come and get to know Studiemeesters with no obligation. At the introductory talk, we’ll give you honest advice about what you need to achieve your goals.

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